The Iavarone Law Firm has filed two lawsuits on behalf of New Orleans Saints Starting Defense End Alex Brown to recover losses suffered from investments in various private placements. The cases were filed in the Circuit Court in Lake County, Illinois. The suits allege that Alex, like many investors, put his trust in the wrong individuals. Trusting his advisors, Alex invested in various complicated investments that he did not understand. The risks were not adequately disclosed. (Click here to read story) Alex Brown is one of several players that Nick is helping recover funds invested in private placements and fraudulent investment schemes.

Private placements are fertile environment for fraud. The high upfront commissions and back-end payments to brokers make this attractive to brokers who either unwittingly or, all too frequently, knowingly sell these securities without adequately disclosing the risk and drawback of the investment some of which are simply Ponzi schemes. Investors who have recently been the beneficiary of an early buyout, inheritance, property settlement, or have otherwise been the recipient of a large infusion of money such has athletes signing new contracts, are the prime targets. Often the returns that are promised seem too good to be true because they are, in fact, too good to be true. One of the ruses used to market these “deals” are the broker has been given “access” to a limited amount of the “deal” and the investor must, therefore, hurry and “not miss” the opportunity. Another pitch is that this is a “deal” to which only rich people have access and so now the investor with the new funds available can be like the rich and get richer. That only people with a high net worth can be approved to purchase these “deals” is a half-truth. Because the risks are so great, the regulators want to make sure that an investor thinking of putting money in one of these “deals” can afford to lose every penny without losing their home or forego medical treatment.

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