Proven Strategies For Public Customers Calculated To Maximize Recovery At A Reasonable Cost

The first step in successfully recovering your losses is realistically evaluating of your case. Not all losses are recoverable, not even when the broker has acted egregiously. Before you expend your funds you need to know what losses are recoverable, what are your chances of success of success are and whether you have a claim for attorney’s fees and/or punitive damages.

We evaluate your claim and inform you of the anticipated amount of compensatory losses (the amount that an arbitration panel might award), the litigation value of case (what we believe an arbitration panel will possibly award) possible and the possible settlement value (the amount the brokerage firm will likely offer to settle the case). As discovery proceeds and we receive documents and information from the brokerage firm and other sources, we will adjust those numbers to insure that you always have a current, realistic estimate of the value of your case.

Over 50% of customers who file arbitrations lose. The difference between the customers who prevail and those who do not are simple: 1) proper case evaluation, 2) realistic goals, 4) selecting the legal strategy that provides the greatest opportunity to succeed; 4) a through understanding of the arbitration process; and 5) an attorney who is looking out for your interests first.

Nick Iavarone has achieved a high degree of success in pursuing claims for customers. Nick has filed over 500 customer arbitrations and lawsuits that have resulted in over $50 million dollars in settlements, jury verdicts, and arbitration awards.

When you retain The Iavarone Law Firm, you remain in control of your case. Thirty years of experience in arbitrating securities and commodity claims has provided us the ability to plan the strategy that has the highest probability of success. However, different strategies have different costs in time, money, or both. We will inform you of the various alternatives the benefits and costs of each and will work with you to arrive at the best solution tailored to you litigation budget.

Litigation can be a daunting undertaking. Much of the anxiousness a person experiences when considering whether to file a lawsuit comes from not knowing how the system works, how long the process will take, and how much the process will cost. Since, with few exceptions, suits to recover losses in stocks, bonds, options, commodity futures, and private placements are required to be submitted to Arbitration before the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, commonly known as FINRA (for stocks, bonds, and options) or the National Futures Association, known commonly known as the NFA (for commodity futures and commodity options). Persons considering filing a case may ask:

What is arbitration? Who are the Arbitrators? How are they selected? Who pays them? Where is the Arbitration held? How long after I file will my case be heard? How expensive is an Arbitration? Will I be deposed? Can I obtain information that I know my broker has that will help my case? Who can be present? How far into my past can the firm go to obtain information? Do I need an expert witness? Why? How much does an expert witness cost?

We answer all of those questions during our initial, free consultation and provide you with what a litigation budget that will maximize the presentation of your case at a cost that you can afford.

We have a variety of attorney fee options available. Remember, if an attorney will not take your case on a contingent basis where he or she gets paid only if you win, that attorney does not believe that you have much of a case. If we agree to represent you, we believe in your case. Once we are satisfied regarding the merits of your case, we have a range of fee options: Full continent, full hourly, or contingent and hourly blends.

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